Recent goings on – BCMG, Soundbeam, Katya Kabanova…

This week I started back at BCMG doing maternity cover for the Learning Co-ordinator post. It’s great to be back at BCMG and I am enjoying the challenge that my new role is bringing! My brain is filling up with scheduling, budgets, safeguarding etc etc…

I’ve also recently being shadowing Richard Shrewsbury doing primary school workshops in the Telford area. We’ve been experimenting with Soundbeam which has been great fun. The children in the workshops have really loved using it (as have I, although it does have its frustrations!) For those who don’t know, Soundbeam uses up to four ultrasonic sensors as well as footswitches to trigger sounds which get played through speakers. It means that users can create music with their movements by cutting through the beams. Great fun! Although the ultrasonic sensors make a really irritating buzz…

I’ll hopefully have a bit of news to share in a couple of weeks about work in Telford, so watch this space…!

Last night I went to see Welsh National Opera perform Janacek’s Katya Kabanova at Birmingham Hippodrome which is a beautifully written opera with a heart-wrenchingly sad ending. I thought the staging of it was really neat, opening out and closing in depending on the scene. This evening was also the first evening in a ‘cultural exchange’ I am doing with one of my friends – I take him to opera, and he is taking me to a Krav Maga self-defence class… for which he has bought a groin guard (need I say more?). Anyway, he really enjoyed it which is ace – I must say we were both glad of the surtitles as our knowledge of Czech is limited…

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